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Make customer interactions more personalised and meaningful with analytics.
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Digitally-conscious consumer buying habits have evolved. It’s time for retailers to evolve too.

The development of modern retail solutions, and the promise of AI, is changing the way retailers interact with customers. Technology adoption in the retail industry is impacting the overall customer experience across channels. Technology is also shaping the way customers expect to interact with retailers, both in-store and online. Leading retailers are embracing these trends to win long-term customer loyalty, integrating technology into their existing processes to create seamless experiences – however, a customer chooses to interact with the brand.

The Future of Retail: A Data Perspective

Data has always been at the centre of the customer experience. Retailers are beginning to embrace advanced technology to use their data better.

Read how growing adoption of technology is helping to create personalised customer experiences, connecting back-end systems, and removing department silos to create a single platform that propels company growth and empowers every employee to use data to drive rich customer experiences.

Deliver a more integrated omni-channel shopping experience for the new ‘hybrid’ customer

Our award-winning omni-channel business retail solutions provide retailers worldwide with powerful, intelligent customer insights to deliver advantages in an extremely competitive market.


Identify profitable products and stores

Our enterprise-class Business Intelligence (BI) solution empowers your business, allowing you to visualise your data with drag-and-drop dashboard creation. ClarityQB is a web-based query and reporting tool designed for simple self-service analytics to enable any user to create insights into your business operations.


Understand omni-channel buying patterns and drive shopper engagement

Omnivue is a comprehensive, cloud-based data processing and data management solution. Connecting to your source data systems quickly and easily, Omnivue gives an enterprise-wide data repository and unified Information as a Service (IaaS).

Get to know your best customers with personalised experiences from our Clienteling App

Take clienteling to the next level and increase your ROI on marketing with relevance to the customers that matter the most to your company. Make every interaction with customers more relevant and meaningful wherever they are and drive real results.

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Customer Success Stories

Read about how we have helped our customers to achieve their success.

Leading British fashion brand Paul Smith uses ClarityOmnivue to enhance global omni-channel offer and performance reporting

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Hawaiian retailer, Tori Richard, increases operational efficiency and financial performance with ClarityQBRI’s reporting and analytics functionality

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