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Data Problem

Shoppers are now buying in many different ways – in-store, on-line and using mobile apps. This growing omni-channel retailing phenomena is good news for the customer, but challenging for retailers who have been grappling with the challenge of integrating data collected in a myriad of different IT systems, into a real time 360-degree view of their customer without the need for underlying system changes or complicated manual processes to integrate, merge and de-duplicate data.

Data Solution

Data Clarity has been working with Paul Smith in order to fully understand their internal systems and the implications of a new system that would be going live during the development process. The use of the new software, which went live across the business at the end of March 2018 enables Paul Smith to unify data across its internal systems such as E-Commerce platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Retail Point of Sale (POS), Finance, Product Management (PMS), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), In-store Wi-Fi, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Services (WMS) and Human Resources (HR).

Paul Smith is now able to easily identify, extract, validate and present the necessary customer and business critical data required for operational reporting, business analysis and forecasting.

“ClarityOmnivue has given us the ability to easily identify and reconcile this data and has provided us with all the information we need to know about a single customer. We now have a system that will also help us with production scheduling, managing stock, staff schedules, and the creation of customised marketing in which the customer truly feels they have had a personalised experience, however they choose to interact with the Paul Smith brand.”

Richard Woollams, Paul Smith

The Omnivue® Solution

Award-winning solution, ClarityOmnivue, provides an end to end omni-channel solution, representing the pinnacle of our data management expertise. By extracting and sharing management insights and business information from multiple sources, the omnivue solution can be used as part of a wider strategy to drive employee and customer engagement. Insights are shown in clear, easy to read dashboards allowing all areas of the company to gain benefit from the solution, whilst IT departments can identify, transform & harmonise essential content.

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