Data Migration

What is data migration?

Data migration represents 60% of any large enterprise IT project, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). So its use is prevalent, but what do we mean by it?

Data migration describes the transfer between different types of file formats, databases, and storage systems. If the data set is diverse, the migration process can include mappings and transformations between source and target data to ensure success. It involves consolidation of data where the legacy systems are deployed or replaced, and the main purpose is to improve the performance of the business and provide competitive advantages.

Above all, data quality must be assessed before migration to ensure a successful implementation. The complexity of data migration is directly dependent on the diversity, volume, and quality of data being transferred.

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When would I need to migrate data?

The most common reasons for migration is the need to move data to a new system to scale up and accommodate volume growth. However, other circumstances may also prompt organizations to opt for a data migration project. The reasons include:

  • Replacing legacy systems that are unable to keep up with the evolving performance requirements of the organization (learn more here).
  • Staying competitive by adopting new technologies, paving the path for data migration.
  • Reducing storage footprint by migrating to a system that consumes less power and space.
  • Transferring data to the cloud, eliminating the cost of on-premise IT infrastructure.

Why migrate my data?

See how our data migration service benefits your company.

Data Discovery

During the migration process, discover more about the data that your company holds. Get to know your best customers and products.

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Performance Boost

Boost business performance with a clean and consolidated database. Put trust in your data.

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Find the right product to help your business.


ETL Platform

ClarityNexus is our powerful Extract Transform Load (ETL) tool for organisations looking to integrate data sources and build a data warehouse to store a unified set of data.

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Data management & data analytics

Omnivue is a comprehensive, cloud-based data processing and data management solution. Connecting to your source data systems quickly and easily, Omnivue gives an enterprise-wide data repository and unified Information as a Service (IaaS).

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