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ESI Media is an innovative, award-winning media business. Voted Media Week’s Brand of the Year, its brands include the Evening Standard, The Independent and London Live. This portfolio offers advertisers cross-platform quality content and a range of audiences.

Data Problem

ESI wanted to improve internal communications and the sharing of knowledge and ensure staff across the business in both the USA and UK were better informed and had access to information.

Prior to using ClarityCMS, each brand had their own individual intranet sites which were rarely visited.

The various intranets for each brand were also on different systems. This caused the following challenges:

  • The design was outdated and the content was not reflective of a modern media business
  • The lack of a unified approach for ESI Media (pages for individual brands but not ESI as a whole)
  • Separate pages for each brand meant it was difficult to present information that was relevant to all staff
  • The current intranets were not responsive
  • Lack of current content meant the intranets were not widely used or seen as a beneficial internal communications tool

Data Solution

ESI Media contacted Data Clarity to develop a solution that would replace the individual intranets with one integrated internal communications platform that would improve collaboration, information-sharing and staff engagement.

The intranet was developed on the ClarityCMS platform and hosted by Data Clarity to remove the dependency of in-house servers.

ESI Media has an intranet site that employees are proud of and it continues to significantly improve staff engagement. The intranet has united employees across their London and New York offices.

“I was personally recommended to Data Clarity, was impressed with the benefits offered by them and their pricing was fair and reasonable. Throughout the project they were patient with our challenges and were always responsive and keen to help.

“This investment has been invaluable in replacing the many legacy systems we had on many different platforms. We have been using ClarityCMS for the last year and will continue to for the foreseeable future.”

ESI Media

Overall Benefits

In launching the ‘ESI People’ intranet, the following benefits were achieved:

  • All employees have access to an intranet that is user friendly, up to date and informative
  • Communication and employee engagement across the whole business has improved
  • The design is more reflective of the ESI Media trade site – simple and image-led
  • It presents ESI Media as one business but with the ability to access content that is only relevant to the individual brand where required.
  • ESI Media is able to regularly update content such as:
    • Company news
    • Forms and policies that employees can read and give consent electronically
    • Training & Development information
    • Jobs Board that encourages internal promotion and moves
    • A valuable online resource for new starters, to support inductions and employee engagement

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