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The Future of Retail: A Data Perspective

How technology is driving the customer experience

The development of modern technologies, and the promise of AI, is changing the way retailers interact with customers. Technology adoption in the retail industry is impacting the overall customer experience across channels. Technology is also shaping the way customers expect to interact with retailers, both in-store and online. Leading retailers are embracing these trends to win long-term customer loyalty, integrating technology into their existing processes to create seamless experiences – however, a customer chooses to interact with the brand.

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Your Reporting Tool Guide

What should you be looking for in a reporting tool?

The key to every organisation’s success is understanding your customers, products and the patterns that drive sales. Reporting tools help business users understand these patterns. But with so many to choose from, it can be difficult to understand what you should be looking for in your ideal reporting solution. That is why we have created this free reporting tool guide to help highlight the benefits of a reporting tool, and what features are going to be the most useful in driving your organisation’s digital transformation.

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Can you trust your data?

A guide to understanding your data and building a security strategy

In the era of digital transformation, data is everything to any organisation driven by long-term business performance. Data acts as the fuel to your business operations and decision-making, allowing you to make informed decisions that can help you reach your organisation’s goals – whether that includes additional sales, improved efficiency or customer experience.

Through the latest innovations in AI and machine learning, data can be mined in greater volumes, meaning these decisions can be made even faster. We now have more data at our fingertips than ever. But while this boom in information is absolutely an example of positive progress, it makes data security and reliability more crucial than ever. With so much depending on this data, how can you ensure it’s trustworthy? How can you guarantee that the decisions you are making are based on dependable and secure information?

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Making Legacy Systems Future-Proof

Connect with Your Customers and Connect Your Systems for Key Retail Insights

Legacy systems have become integral parts of the organisation while the cost of implementing omnichannel solutions has appeared to cause significant unwanted disruption. For many boardrooms, the costs of maintaining older systems and difficulty of integrating new has outweighed the benefits of implementing a true omnichannel solution.

However, with customers who expect more consistent experiences from companies, the limitations of these legacy systems are becoming a real issue. Siloed departments, limited by the implementation of siloed technology, do not necessarily have access to the data that they need to meet customer demand, and satisfy the bottom line. Old systems create inefficiencies that are limiting the value of company and customer data, and omnichannel systems may be the solution.

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Your Roadmap to GDPR Compliance

Roadmap to GDPR Compliance

Keep your data safe

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) dictates changes to the way organisations store, process and handle personal data. Data is the new commodity, and GDPR mandates a baseline safeguard on how  companies deal with our data. GDPR protects an individual’s right to  privacy and applies to all personal data, held in every business.

Your company must take extra actions to demonstrate your compliance with these regulations, assisting individuals with their rights to relevant information, or your company will face heavy fines.

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