Pinnaca Retail Solutions

Company Background

Founded in 2015, Pinnaca Retail Solutions is a family-run business offering retail solutions, specialist management consultancy and IT services. Our company is UK based, with offices in London, and a client base across the globe.

We work with all levels of business to define and develop strategies focused on our clients’ needs and objectives. Our tailored solutions are developed and optimised to fulfil your key business demands.

Over time we have added to our 20 years’ experience in the field and built up a team of experts, with a wide range of experience and in-depth knowledge, who are eager to help your business succeed and grow.

Data Challenge

Previously, Pinnaca Retail had been relying on a reporting tool, packaged with their EPOS solution. Users noted the system was rigid and reporting was only available on demand.

Clients needed more complex queries to analyse data, across multiple platforms, available to any employee on any device, visually exciting representation, easily downloadable in MS formats, scheduled to email, ftp, network share. The previous solution did not provide these modern asks.

This meant the app needed to show different information for different user types, and the user experience needed to be simple and easy to use. Leisure Resorts also required the ability to easily update the app with the latest news and information to provide a better experience for their holidaymakers and owners.

“Our account manager is exceptional, and we have enjoyed working with him for many years. The team are passionate about the product and we have worked through many challenges which have also driven new innovations in the product.”

Minesh Thakkar, Pinnaca Retail Solutions

Data Solution

The implementation of ClarityQB meant that Pinnaca were able to provide a useful tool for their clients to find all the information they needed in one place.

During the implementation process, Data Clarity worked with Pinnaca to provide practical solutions and suggestions to transform their clients’ reporting solutions. Several workshops and collaborative sessions ensured a successful implementation strategy and launch.

Overall Benefits

“ClarityQB has solved all of our problems and our clients love how much they can do with the product and how it transforms their ability to report on anything that’s happened and help them plan for what will happen tomorrow. Importantly our clients use ClarityQB to make better decisions across their business, from inventory management to employee productivity and customer retention.

“We were initially concerned that we could not support our clients with issues or challenges when they arose, but Data Clarity supported us through this to empower our team to become product experts too. The team were very forward thinking, very knowledgeable and understood retailers’ needs. They also knew the world was changing and they had to continually adapt.

“Our clients love the product and could not live without the solution to run their businesses, so I think this says enough about the job Data Clarity are doing.”

Minesh Thakkar, Pinnaca Retail Solutions

ClarityQB has provided a strong reporting solution that drives better decision making across retail organisations, from inventory management to employee productivity, and customer retention.


Data Visualisation tool

Our enterprise-class Business Intelligence (BI) solution empowers your business, allowing you to visualise your data with drag-and-drop dashboard creation. ClarityQB is a web-based query and reporting tool designed for simple self-service analytics to enable any user to create insights into your business operations.

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