The Future of Retail

Looking at headlines in recent times, on the surface the retail industry is struggling: store closures, high-profile buyouts, job losses and the worst Christmas for 10 years. 2019 was a tough year for UK retail but there is a ray of hope for the high street. Looking beyond the dramatic headlines, it is clear the industry is evolving thanks to retail technology. Mobile and ecommerce channels are maturing and driving growth as the old channels decline and the in-store experience is being re-defined to better fit customer expectations.

How technology is driving the customer experience

The development of modern retail technology, and the promise of AI, is changing the way retailers interact with customers. Technology adoption in the retail industry is impacting the overall customer experience across channels.

Technology is also shaping the way customers expect to interact with retailers, both in-store and online. Leading retailers are embracing these trends to win long-term customer loyalty, integrating technology into their existing processes to create seamless experiences – however, a customer chooses to interact with the brand.

What’s Inside?

In this whitepaper, we explore 4 key technology-driven trends that will enhance the customer experience, including:

  • Delivering a consistent customer experience with mobile
  • Enhancing the in-store experience to exceed
  • Why personalisation matters
  • The future of analytics: machine learning and artificial intelligence

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