Data Clarity In Attendance at the F1 British Grand Prix 2021

Data Clarity In Attendance at the F1 British Grand Prix 2021

After a long 16 months, entertainment and events are finally back in the UK. Many of you would agree that one of the most missed events for motorsport fans is Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone. Data Clarity staff had the pleasure of spending Friday at the track in exceptionally sunny weather. In this blog post, we’re sharing some highlights from the day.

This year, the Friday agenda was a treat, with F1 practice and qualifying taking place on Friday as a trial from the normal format. Many of the employees at Data Clarity are big fans of motorsport and anything with 4 wheels, so a day out for us doesn’t get much better than that!

Shortly after arrival we had breakfast with a glass of champagne, before the Women’s W Series and Masters GT practices opened our day of racing. Special guests came to the event, and we listened to Wing Commander Green speaking about his land speed record. Some team members also tried their racing skills on F1 simulators, but nobody dared to change an F1 tyre at a mock-up pitstop.

After lunch, everyone watched the F1 practice and some of us braved the scorching grandstand (we didn’t mind!), which offered scenic views over Maggotts, Becketts, Farm Curve, Village, The Loop and Aintree. Scenic to the point we didn’t know where to look not to miss other cars! Sipping drinks from the terrace, we watched the W Series and F2 qualifying sessions, before finally experiencing the F1 qualifying we’d all been waiting for. Luckily, the temperature eased down in the evening and watching the cars during the golden hour was much more manageable. We left the circuit with some souvenirs and lots of photos taken to share with our family and friends. Silverstone, it was a blast.

Where next? It looks like it will be a Christmas meal although December does seem like a long wait. But surely, our CEO Kevin Carrick and CDO Pana Lepeniotis will surprise us with something as special again.

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