Query your Data with Ease: Natural Language Processing in ClarityQB

Query your Data with Ease: Natural Language Processing in ClarityQB

Data Clarity are pleased to announce the release of Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality to our Business Intelligence solution, ClarityQB. Designed to empower business users to gain true intelligence from data, without needing input from data scientists, this latest release for ClarityQB makes querying data simple for all.

The update is part of Data Clarity’s ongoing efforts to enhance its functionality for its growing user base. But you may be wondering what NLP actually is, and how it benefits your organisation.

In Summary:

  • Business Users can interrogate complex data sets to draw insights.
  • Allow your data team to focus on higher-priority tasks.
  • Remove Data Siloes.
  • Promote a data-driven culture.

Read on for more on Natural Language Processing and how it can benefit your organisation.

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What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural language processing (NLP) is the process by which computers understand and process natural human language. If you use Google Search, Alex, Siri, or Google Assistant, you have already seen it at work by converting spoken commands into commands that the device can understand. The primary advantage of NLP in a business setting is that it enables users to make any number of queries about data sets without first having to translate them into “computer-speak.”

With an NLP-enabled BI solution, like ClarityQB, anyone within a company could create complex queries to interrogate data and draw valuable insights. An example of a question could be, “What is the top selling products for Q1 2021?” ClarityQB converts each part of the question into numeric information, search for the needed data, and returns it in a format a business user can understand.

The questioning of data can take many forms, such as:

  • Show me X value for a period.
  • Compare X range to Y range.
  • Display X as a bar chart.

Such queries allow any employee in any department to gain critical insights to help them make informed decisions. As fast as you can type it (or say it – with voice recognition capabilities built into our solution), ClarityQB will create queries and deliver the answer to your question.

We often find that the various departments of organisations work in silos – both structurally and with the data they collect. The impact this has on a company’s ability to use that data is two-fold. Without considering data quality, potentially valuable data insights and actionable intelligence are fragmented and lost across the company.

We write about this topic at length here.

The essence here is that the more people within a company who know how to gather insights based on data, the more that company can benefit from a data-driven culture.

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Powerful Trade Reporting & Analytics Solutions: Unlocking the power of your data with ClarityQB

To attain real value out of data analytics, organisations need to consider aggregating their data across disparate systems into a single, unified view throughout the organisation. Once in place, businesses will gain true insights which will be key to strategic decision-making.

Our enterprise-class Business Intelligence (BI) solution empowers your business, allowing you to visualise your data with drag-and-drop dashboard creation. ClarityQB is a web-based query and reporting tool designed for simple self-service analytics to enable any user to create insights into your business operations.

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ClarityQB enables business users to analyse performance at any level and across all metrics such as like-for-like comparisons, and utilise exception-based filters and accurate stock figures to target sales efforts.

Find out more about ClarityQB >

For further information on this release or to discuss your organisation’s current data challenges, please contact our data experts today at: info@dataclarity.uk.com.

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