Retailers can focus on customer personalisation to bounce back from the global pandemic with Golden Record Management of their data using ClarityOmnivue®.

Retailers can focus on customer personalisation to bounce back from the global pandemic with Golden Record Management of their data using ClarityOmnivue®.

Despite the challenges that Covid-19 has presented retailers over the last few months, retailers can refocus to implement a successful ‘Return to Retail’ strategy while re-opening their doors to their customers by leveraging their ClarityOmnivue® solution with specific focus on customer segmentation and golden record management.

Golden Record Management of the Customer utilises online and offline customer information to provide a complete profile of their interaction with the brand. One of the largest ClarityOmnivue® users is Paul Smith Ltd. Using this intelligence, Paul Smith are able to create a personalised omnichannel experience for their customers whist remaining fully transparent about data collection, privacy, and usage. The Covid-19 situation has fundamentally accelerated Paul Smith’s evolving omnichannel retailing approach as more people change their shopping habits in response to the global pandemic.

Data Clarity has developed ClarityOmnivue® specifically to solve the challenges businesses face trying to mine multiple disparate data sources to deliver one 360-degree view of customers and business key performance indicators. ClarityOmnivue® transforms disparate data into a unified data solution that enables more informed business decisions.

ClarityOmnivue® delivers true, accurate data that is utilised to create individually customised targeted marketing campaigns that are personalised and relevant to the customer. This more personalised approach when connecting with their customers engenders trust and a positive digital relationship with the customer whilst at the same time is compliant with the customers’ privacy settings.

Commenting on the power of unified data in analytics, Pana Lepeniotis, Data Clarity CDO said, “Omnichannel retailing has provided new opportunities for retailers to understand the true value of their existing clients and expand their reach to new customers. ClarityOmnivue® now gives retailers the opportunity to increase marketing effectiveness and improve the customer experience.

“By understanding who the customer is and what the customer loves, ClarityOmnivue® can help Retailers achieve this customer profile and online-offline unification which was a real challenge before. Effective Data Utilisation builds competitive advantage by increasing customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.”

Data Clarity has been working with retailers, such as Paul Smith, to fully understand their internal systems and to provide the integration tools necessary to create the Golden Record of retailers’ customers. As an example, the iconic and forward-thinking fashion retailer has seen a significant increase in retail revenue in response to recent marketing campaigns compared with previous years by leveraging the power of ClarityOmnivue® and Customers’ Golden Record Management.

The data integration and golden record processes of Clarity Omnivue® enables the organisation to unify data across its internal systems including E-Commerce platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Retail Point of Sale (POS), Product Management (PMS), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), In-store Wi-Fi, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Services (WMS).

This means that Retailers are now able to easily identify, extract, validate and present the necessary customer and business critical data required for Customer engagement, operational reporting, business analysis and forecasting and translate these into greater returns despite external compromises like the impact of Covid-19.

Using ClarityOmnivue® to generate personalised campaigns, Paul Smith have achieved an average increase in conversion rates of 40% like for like marketing activities compared to last year, and despite the Covid-19 situation which demonstrates the power and potential of marketing on relevance and truly understanding online and offline customers’ buying behaviours.

Feedback from users of ClarityOmnivue® noted, “The use of Golden Record Management has allowed us to work closely with our Marketing, Ecommerce, Warehouse, and Customer Service teams to enhance the customer experience and drive sales.

“ClarityOmnivue has given us the ability to easily identify and reconcile this data and has provided us with all the information we need to know about our customers personality and preferences. We now have a system that also helps us with production scheduling, managing stock, staff schedules, and the creation of customised marketing in which the customer truly feels they have had a personalised experience, however they choose to interact with our brand.”

Commenting on the opportunity retailers are facing, Pana Lepeniotis continued, “The numbers we are seeing working with retailers like Paul Smith endorses our confidence in Digital Transformation. The aim of becoming fully data driven should be the goal for all retailers and should be the starting point for them fighting back the distress that the Global Covid-19 Pandemic forced upon them.

“The ability to market products based on relevance, to the right customer at the right time is essential to success. The current global situation has only highlighted the importance of knowing your customers at a personal level.”

To discuss your organisation’s challenges with one of our experts and see how your data can supercharge your business, contact us today.

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