ABS Holdings

ABS Holdings have been importing, distributing and retailing pleasure products for 40 years. With over 150 employees they have grown from a small family run business to become the leading erotic goods wholesaler in the UK.

Data Problem

ABS Holdings utilised RetailPro to manage their business and initially used the standard reporting capabilities provided by RetailPro V8. However, ABS found that there were limitations on what data could be reported on and how the data could be delivered. ABS needed a tool for flexible, configurable reporting allowing them to combine data from multiple sources across the business.

Data Solution

Due to the certified integration between RetailPro and ClarityRI the data sets could be connected effortlessly whilst providing the depth of reporting required. Symon Reeves, Commercial Director of ABS Holdings said: “Initially we were concerned that we would need to make a significant investment in training to provide the business with the right skill set to enable us to meet our requirements. However, despite these apprehensions around lack of skill, the implementation of ClarityRI was painless.”

ClarityQBRI – Reporting & Analytics

ClarityQBRI is an intuitive real-time reporting tool using web technology to deliver easy to use, flexible query and reporting functions. ClarityQBRI lets you run queries against multiple and mixed databases, search out and select data in a straightforward way and present your reports online or hard copy in a wide range of formats.

ClarityQBRI has been developed to meet the query and reporting needs of organisations worldwide from retail to transport and government. Our end users really do have the information they need at their fingertips.

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