Data Integration should be Made Simple. With, it is.

We make data integration simple for you. Data Clarity can support your organisation to define the right processes and technology to take control of your data pipelines, bridging structured and unstructured data sources and empower those within your business to access the necessary data they need quickly and reliably. 

Simplify Data Integration with Seamless Connectivity

Connect effortlessly to any data source with’s existing connectivity, enabling faster and easier integration. Benefit from ready-made API connectors to: 

Seamlessly connect to multiple source systems.  

Extract Information and construct data pipelines. 

Prepare data for loading into any desired tool. provides a comprehensive range of connectors to standard databases used globally by organisations. Should you have unique requirements, our team of data experts is available to tailor our solution to meet your specific needs.  

Create a Single Source of Truth

Make data extraction and integration simple with, our powerful ETL tool tailored for organisations looking to integrate multiple data sources and build a data warehouse to store a unified set of data, establishing a single source of truth across records to load into your analytics suite. features:  

  • Pre-Build Connectors 
  • Business Rules, Maps and Transformations Supporting Application Development and Orchestration of Integration flows  
  • Business Data Management (BDM)  

Unlock your Data’s Full Potential 

Build a Trusted Data Foundation, Ensuring Limitless Possibilities.


Efficient handling of increased data volume without sacrificing performance or accuracy.


Minimisation of disruption caused by application interaction incompatibilities and diverse data formats, ensuring seamless data flow. 

Simplified Infrastructure

Streamlining of overall technology infrastructure, providing a platform that connects applications and resources to create a consistent structure.

Cloud Integration

Seamless integration of resources across multiple clouds and between cloud and legacy systems, facilitating flexibility and scalability. 

Resource Efficiency

Manage expanding integration requirements without additional resource drain and management overhead, optimising resource utilisation. 

Enhanced Security

Improved security with Data Clarity, which provides built-in monitoring and observability tools, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.


Access to ecosystems of application development, deployment, and management tools through’s existing connectivity, fostering collaboration and innovation. 

Explore’s Data Integration Capabilities

Delivering best-in-class data integration capabilities to give your business enhanced insight and control over your data. 

Ease of Use

Simplified platform deployment, data interrogation, and application management processes for user-friendly operations. 

Comprehensive Integration

Extensive integration toolsets and pre-built data connectors for seamless data connectivity. 

Versatile Connectivity

Connectivity for both Software as a Service (SaaS) and locally hosted applications, ensuring comprehensive integration coverage. 

Protocol Support

Support for HTTP and FTP protocols, Open Data Protocols, and Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol (AMQP) for flexible data transfer. 


Ability to build custom connectors and modify access mechanisms to suit specific integration requirements. 

Data Processing

Process, clean, and transform data in multiple formats (XML, JSON, Parquet, etc.), ensuring compatibility and consistency. 

High Performance

High performance on handling large-scale data operations and concurrent executions, ensuring efficiency and speed.

Real-Time Processing

Support for real-time processing and batch data integration, facilitating timely data updates and analysis.

Activity Monitoring

Activity monitor for tracking failures, latency, resource utilization, and workflow performance, ensuring operational visibility.

Security Mechanisms

Robust security mechanisms for access control, data encryption, and single sign-on integrations, safeguarding data integrity and confidentiality. 

Flexible Loading Options

Load unified data into reporting solutions or third-party tools, offering flexible loading options tailored to user preferences. 

Integration Flexibility

Integration with any standard systems, offering versatility and compatibility.

Solve your Data Integration & Quality Challenges

Intelligent Integration, Bridging Applications Seamlessly 

Application-to-Application Connectivity 

Connect applications, systems, or data located on-premises or cloud environments effortlessly. Automatically implement interfaces and data flows to establish and manage each integration.  

Microservices Integration

Enable an organisation to automatically generate and publish APIs to support microservices, which reduces in-house development efforts by leveraging automated support for microservices integration.  

B2B Integration 

Navigate complex B2B integrations with diverse third-party partners without the need for common APIs or custom integrations. Enable security standards enforcement and audits for seamless B2B data flows.    

Data Integration Excellence  

Manage data format translations and validate real-time synchronised data with ease Move beyond script-driven batch transfers with efficient data integration solutions.  

Platform Integration  

Connect various platforms wherever they live on: on premises, remotely (colocation), or on one or multiple clouds, while enterprises preserve legacy in-house integration schemes. 

IoT Device Integration  

Integrate connections among vast IoT devices (sensors and actuators), tools and APIs to support data collection, processing and transmission involving multiple systems and cloud platforms. 

Big Data Integration  

Tackle complex integrations for business analytics, machine learning, and AI efforts effortlessly. Handle data lakes, cloud data warehouses, and analytical tools with ease. 

Harnessing Multiple Clouds  

Create, implement and manage interactions across public cloud resources and services efficiently. Navigate diverse data stores and formats across multiple cloud environments and SaaS providers effortlessly.  

Event Streaming Simplified 

Simplify highly complex event-driven microservices design with a single integration platform. Seamlessly manage interactions involving storage, compute, and workflows for streamlined operations. 

Why choose Data Clarity?

We go beyond delivering products; we deliver a promise, ensuring that your business stays agile, informed and ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market landscape.  

Partnering with us empowers your organisation to operate with speed and scale, guided by our expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Data lies at the core of our mission, streamlining your operations and providing the clarity needed for impactful decision making.  

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