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Real-time Reporting & Analytics

ClarityQBRI is an intuitive, browser-based, real-time reporting tool. It has been designed to deliver easy to use, flexible query, reporting and dashboard functions. ClarityQBRI lets you run queries against multiple and mixed databases, search out and select data in a straightforward way and present your reports online or hard copy in a wide range of formats.

Our innovative system has been developed alongside our Retail Pro International Development Partnership and user inputs. ClarityQBRI integrates with Retail Pro 8 and 9 EPOS systems to provide in-depth reporting. The solution comes with a standard set of reports, extracts and data models that have been designed specifically for the retail sector.

Integrate and Innovate

With ClarityQBRI, the power to harness your data is simple.

Deliver retail insights to every department reliably and securely with our low-cost, scalable solution.

ClarityQBRI integrates with a range of EPOS systems such as Retail Pro 8 & 9, Retail Pro Prism and Torex to deliver deep reporting and analytics functionality. Pre-built reports, dashboards and exception reports quickly identify product, brand, department and store performance.

Target your sales efforts holistically, using data from across all your data sources for real business insights. ClarityQBRI delivers the tools to help engage every member of your team in meeting performance targets.

Discover the full range of benefits of a truly intuitive query building tool.

Connect and Integrate Data Sources
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Key Benefits

  • Powerful Analytics – Extract from one or multiple data sources for rapid access to key information from underlying data sources
  • Automation of information – The inbuilt scheduler means that key reports and dashboards can be automatically emailed to specified users monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly
  • Target your sales efforts – Monitor products and empower staff with actionable insights by identifying high performing products, brands, departments or stores by location, category, group and subgroup
  • Integrations to other systems – Full integration with other systems including Retail Pro 8 & 9, Retail Pro Prism and Torex EPOS
  • Remote Access & email alerts – ClarityQBRI runs in any of the leading web browsers and allows 24/7 monitoring with email alerts

Why Choose Data Clarity?

Data Clarity empowers companies to focus on their business objectives through data-driven, cloud-based systems. Specialising in transforming data into actionable business insights, streamlining workflows, automating and simplifying processes.

Our Core Values

We are a bright and passionate group of people who understand data management. We apply our core values of innovation and integrity with a personal approach, investing in our employees and developing a deep understanding of our clients’ unique business challenges. A strong company ethos of providing high-quality products and excellent service has led to valuable, long -lasting client relationships and new product development.

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