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ClarityCMS is a cloud-based enterprise grade content management system powering organisations, intranets and websites. We take care of the technical side of your site, while you focus on connecting with your employees, collaborating with others and communicating content across offices and countries. Our scalable solution is designed for non-technical users, eliminating a reliance on IT. 

ClarityCMS offers a wide range of features and functionality from staff directories to forms and document management. Our content management portal, combined with Data Clarity's web development expertise, guarantees you a solution to match your business' requirements. As an all-in-one solution, we provide the platform for you to add content thus increasing employee engagement, audience interaction and your online presence.

Key Benefits

ClarityCMS empowers you to manage your internal communications through the cloud: 

  • Login through our secure portal, accessible 24 hours a day - build and manage multiple intranet sites or mini sites in one location 
  • Boost employee engagement - collaborative features such as commenting and guest posting have been designed to increase employee engagement
  • Reporting & analytics - tracking features and advertising such as Google Analytics and Google AdSense provide deep and meaningful tracking and engagement opportunities
  • Embed your media - embed videos, slideshows, images and Slide Shares in just a few clicks

CMS power your business

What is Enterprise Class Content Management?

If you are familiar with content management systems (CMS) then you will probably be thinking what does 'Enterprise class' mean? Enterprise class is secure content management built using robust Microsoft platforms providing stable and reliable performance for your website or intranet. 

The aim of a content management systems is to allow multiple users to create, edit, publish and archive content on your website without needing a web developer to update them for you. Business owners and managers can view reports and data whilst deciding which users have different levels of permissions. This gives you a fresh up to date website, whilst saving you the cost of using a web developer for all your content changes.

Our technology

ClarityCMS is built on Microsoft technology, providing you with a safe and reliable content management platform. Our software is of the highest class, meaning we don't take risks with open source software, avoiding costly and time consuming updates. Our technology is guaranteed for 10 years so you can have peace of mind as this means guaranteed support for you, and continuity of our ClarityCMS product.

Why Choose Data Clarity?

Data Clarity was founded in 2011 to provide data-driven software solutions. Since then we have empowered our customers across the globe to focus on their business objectives.

We are data experts, transforming data; streamlining processes, automating and simplifying workflows.


For more information about ClarityCMS, please visit our ClarityCMS website, contact one of our specialists today at or call a member of our team on +44 (0) 3333 1111 00.

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