Connect. Collaborate. Create.

ClarityCMS is a cloud-based enterprise grade content management system powering organisations, intranets and websites. We take care of the technical side of your site, while you focus on connecting with your audience, collaborating with others and creating amazing content for your website. Our scalable solution is designed for non-technical users, eliminating a reliance on IT or the need for developers.

ClarityCMS offers a wide range of features and functionality from staff directories to forms and document management.  Our content management portal, combined with Data Clarity’s web development expertise, guarantees you a solution to match your business’s requirements. As an all-in-one tailored solution, we provide the platform for you to add content thus increasing employee engagement, audience interaction and your online presence.

Manage Content and Communications Centrally

Manage content and communications through one central login. Build multiple websites and intranets in one location eliminating potential security risks with  multiple sites and logins. Define and control user permissions for adding and editing content. ClarityCMS works from your web browser providing flexibility to update your site from anywhere. Implementation is quick and easy.

Boost Employee Engagement

ClarityCMS is the perfect platform for hosting intranets. Our collaborative features such as commenting & guest posting are designed to increase employee engagement. Revolutionize the way employees interact with each other within your business & increase clarity with a simple and accessible intranet. 

Reporting and Analytics Insights

With tracking features such as built-in Google Analytics and keyword and meta description functionalities, you can easily monitor and track how many visitors your website, pages or individual articles are receiving. The system also has Google AdSense connectivity, and a built-in ad promotional engine, meaning you can show the adverts you want, when you want, and target these to your visiting audience.

Embed your Media

It is also easy to add media to your website within ClarityCMS. Embed videos, slideshows, images and Slide shares in just a few clicks. ClarityCMS also has the functionality to include polls, forms and community forum pages, so you can easily interact with your audience.

To find out more about ClarityCMS and all its features click here to visit the website.

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