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Monitor and Analyse Billions of Records with Advanced Analytics and Master Data Management

Our master data management software delivers advanced analytics by unifying data from multiple sources through simple and flexible dashboards. Discover a single customer view solution for the billions of data transactions you process and drill down into quality customer data accurately.

Our complete omni-channel, Information as a Service Solution, ClarityOmnivue meets the need to handle and report on billions of records, whilst delivering the power of golden record management. This means that you will have a full and complete view of your customers, and error-free records for analytics and reporting, regardless of how many records your company handles. 


The Omnivue® Solution

ClarityOmnivue is the industry's most complete Information as a Service, Master Data Management solution. Intuitive navigation and innovative functionality turns data into information and real actionable insights. Connecting to existing legacy IT systems, ClarityOmnivue delivers a unified data solution, without any need for underlying system changes. Transform your disparate data into unified information as an asset with our Master Data Management solution. Connect, extract, consolidate and consume your data using your existing E-commerce, CRM, ERP, WMS and in-store Wi-Fi systems to deliver accurate enterprise insights.

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