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At Data Clarity we provide various solutions to government services around the UK. From our timesheets and expenses software used by teachers in schools, to our insight and reporting tools used by over 40 councils across the UK.

Our intelligent, data-driven solutions are designed to meet the reporting needs of government services across the globe, allowing them to make the most out of their data. Our Business Intelligence software empowers our users with master data management so that they can generate queries and reports on demand and segment their quality data and Big Data, reducing the reliance on IT departments as well as eliminating costly proprietary licences.


ClarityQBRI - Reporting & Analytics

ClarityQBRI is an intuitive real-time reporting tool using web technology to deliver easy to use, flexible query and reporting functions. ClarityQBRI lets you run queries against multiple and mixed databases, search out and select data in a straightforward way and present your reports online or hard copy in a wide range of formats.

ClarityQBRI has been developed to meet the query and reporting needs of organisations worldwide from retail to transport and government. Our end users really do have the information they need at their fingertips.

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