What's New in ClarityCMS V4

The latest release of our content management software ClarityCMS 4.0 went live on 23rd June 2017. New features include content tagging, a new image library and usability improvements.

Features and actions to implement the above have been distributed to system administrators along with an updated user guide.

The latest ClarityCMS 4.0 version offers three main attributes, which will strengthen your business’s requirements.

Features available in this release:

  • New image library applied to system
  • Content tagging has been added to the ‘Article Details’ part within ‘Section Articles’
  • Usability enhancements have been applied to the ‘Login’ page

NOTICE - This release requires Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave Player installed.  

ClarityCMS System Requirements

Compatible Operating Systems and Browsers are shown in the document below. Please click to download and open.



  1. Ensure all users are logged out of the portal.
  1. Clear ALL browsers cache and history. (Click for more information)
  2. Install Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Shockwave

Please read the guidance on support.dataclarity.uk.com.  Should any issues arise please:

  1. Read the guidance at support.dataclarity.uk.com, situated on the right-side panel)
  2. Submit a support ticket detailing the issue, operating system, browser and any accompanying documentation or screenshots. Please note: support tickets should be generated by your administrator.
Data Clarity releases a new version of ClarityCMS.
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