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In the run up to the Derby Telegraph Business Awards on the 9th June 2016 we’re showcasing some of our innovative data and software solutions.

At Data Clarity we pride ourselves on transforming business processes with our UK based software. Made in Derby, our technology provides solutions to everyday business needs, helping you make the transition from inefficient processes into cost effective ones. Our professional service solutions are perfect for any sector, from legal & accounting through to advertising & marketing.

With 4 in 5 UK organisations having formally adopted at least one cloud service (Cloud Industry Forum), you should be making the move to online processes or risk being left behind. Below is a sneak peek into our feature solutions designed to revolutionise businesses.

Expenses, timesheets & absence management software

Clarity365 is our answer to lost time and business expenses. Research from the DCC Forum uncovered that business travellers are losing an average of £140 in unclaimed expenses on each business trip alone! Putting an online process in place is crucial to keep control over company expenses and to view which departments and employees are claiming the most.

Our flexible timesheet, absence, & expense software provides owners, managers & employees with visibility into their claims in real-time. Our software was designed to maximise efficiencies for businesses in the professional services industry. Which is why we engineered a mobile app which allows you to add & approve timesheets, expenses and absences on-the-go.

Using the latest Microsoft Enterprise cloud technology, it is accessible on any device with an internet connection and available 24/7 so users can claim whenever it’s convenient. Start reducing the hours spent on managing back office processes and saving your business money with Clarity365.

Visit the website to find out more about all of Clarity365’s features for professional services or small businesses.

Data Services

Our data services increase business performance and client engagement. We work with each client to tailor their data needs on an individual basis. Businesses who adopt data analytics based decision making perform 5-6% better than firms that rely on intuition and experience alone (Capgemini). 

We segment customers, needs and their behaviour so you can have relevant, quality data to base your business decisions and marketing campaigns on.

Get in touch to find out how to use your data to your advantage.

Content management software to manage your intranets and websites

Clarity CMS is our powerful content management system which allows users to create, manage and maintain websites and intranets. It is designed to allow non-technical users to create and manage sites that are bespoke to their audience needs, with less reliance on already overstretched IT departments.

The system is powerful as it offers a full range of additional features and functionality. As an all-in-one tailored solution, we provide you with the platform, you just need to create and edit the content that brings personality to your brand. In just two weeks Clarity CMS served over 30.6 million hits and over 600,000 unique visits!

Clarity CMS also features the ability to manage multiple websites from one simple log in, and control permission settings for multiple users. The cloud-based system means you can log on from any device with an internet connection. With our 99.9% uptime performance it’s guaranteed to be accessible whenever you need it.

Clarity CMS provides you with collaboration, security and peace at mind. Visit the Clarity CMS website to find out more about our website & intranet builds.

Customer engagement solutions for retail

Clarity Omnivue is a customer engagement platform aimed at the retail sector. The solution brings together multiple retail channels within the organisation whilst making it easier for retail outlets to provide a unique customer experience using the latest technology. Currently 30% of consumers forget to bring their loyalty card with them when they shop. Clarity Omnivue looks to tackle this and increase customer & brand engagement.

The solution revolutionizes the way employees interact with each other and how brands communicate with their customers. A main part of the solution is replacing outdated loyalty cards with a modern mobile app. This allows retailers to directly engage with customers on a 24/7 basis and tailor each users experience.

Get in touch to find out more about Clarity Omnivue.

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In the run up to the DTBA 2016, learn about our award-nominated software
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