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Sunday 12th July saw the Jenson Button Triathlon come to Derby’s Markeaton Park. A chance to see some of the country’s top triathletes and novices compete as well as Jenson Button himself.

Video Credit: HUUB Design

The Jenson Button Trust was set up in March 2010, to allow Jenson to donate to a number of charitable causes. This year’s official charity partner was Cancer Research UK. As a lifelong Formula One fan I was not going to miss this opportunity to catch sight of the 2009 Formula One Champion and it was a great opportunity to support local business HUUB Design.

I had always watched triathlons and was in awe of the strength and determination involved. My father had always been keen on taking part, so I took it upon myself to encourage him to do it since, like many others, Cancer Research is close to our hearts and the event fell the day after his 58th birthday. After a lot of preparation and help from HUUB’s customer support, we got him ready for his first ever triathlon.

Race Day

The morning started off with a light drizzle and grey clouds. I had underestimated the amount of kit needed to participate an event like this. I was in charge of nutrition and making sure nothing was forgotten. Walking into the park we saw Jenson’s Formula One car and the big stage, I could tell it was going to be a big event.

The first heats started early with everyone commencing with the swim in Markeaton lake. In my father’s heat there was Dean from HUUB and Gordon Ramsey which was really cool. They started with a 200 metre swim and then transited onto a 10km cycle and ended with a 2.5km run. The top athletes did a 400 metre swim, 20km bike and 5km run.

It was great to see so many people take part. I lost my voice by the end of the day from all the shouting and clapping. The sun even came out which made it even better. The event was run extremely well and I hope it returns next year to Derby. My dad is already planning his next one, I think he has the triathlon bug. Maybe I will even give it a go!


Written by Chloé Farmer

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The Data Clarity Team raises money for Cancer Research UK, alongside Jenson Button.
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