Security Policy

We protect your data as if it’s our own, here in the United Kingdom.

Hosting facilities

We operate DES265 encryption across the system. All personal detail files are encrypted in the database. Each account requires a unique password and specified letters from a security answer chosen by the individual to gain access. All data that we host and store is held at Node 4, a UK based, independent ISO 27001 accredited data centre. 

Our solutions are hosted in a purpose built facility here in the UK. As you may expect, we take great pride in our infrastructure. Our facility has, redundant cooling systems, multiple internet connections by different providers. The state of the art servers are protected with Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) and generator back up supply in case the electricity fails. Naturally 24x7 security and CCTV are in place too.  All of our systems are over engineered, to minimise any risks. The servers and the environments are monitored electronically and supported 24x7 x 365 by our on-call engineers.

Access to the servers is via strong complex passwords, and the ability to log-in is restricted to the absolute minimum. Access to the servers is restricted to a minimum number of authorise personnel, this requires authorisation by the CEO in writing. All access to our environments is logged. Occasionally we contract in specialist skills for specific tasks. Any 3rd party access undergoes the same level of authorisation and their work is monitored and shadowed by Data Clarity employees. Internet connections are protected by quality physical firewalls monitored by a leading network security provider. 

We apply 256bit SSL data encryption therefore when you connect through your internet browser the internet traffic between you and us is protected by www.globalsign.comOur software is built on Microsoft Technologies which means that the security of your data is underwritten by Microsoft enterprise technology. We always implement Microsoft security patches in a timely manner. We double encrypt all of your personal data, including the images, therefore even our own server engineers cannot see your private data. 

Our Accreditations


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