HSKS Greenhalgh increased staff engagement and reduced email traffic after centralising its information and communications


HSKS Greenhalgh


HSKS Greenhalgh, chartered accountants and business advisors, primarily work with growing owner-managed businesses and high-net-worth individuals. They specialise in providing expert advice to businesses in the agricultural, property, healthcare, hospitality and academy schools sectors. With offices in Derby, Nottingham, Burton on Trent and Uttoxeter, HSKS Greenhalgh can trace its roots back to the late 19th century.

HSKS Greenhalgh needed a solution that would allow them to distribute information within the company rapidly, rather than waiting for the monthly staff meetings they had traditionally used as a communication forum. There was also a requirement for staff to have the opportunity to respond to information in a centralised system as increasingly teams were spread over different geographical locations and needed to be able to access the same information.

HSKS Greenhalgh chose ClarityCMS, as their content management solution as they believed it was the best fit for their requirements. Lynette Stainforth, Business Development and Marketing Manager at HSKS Greenhalgh reports: “since utilising CMS we have saved a significant amount of time, as we no longer need to hold staff meetings to communicate information. The response from colleagues has been very positive and we’ve also seen a reduction in email traffic. Initially we had some concerns that people may miss vital information, but through Data Clarity, we have developed a system that ensures all important material is prioritised so that it can be seen easily by everyone. The friendly and easily accessible team at Data Clarity have made the implementation of this project run as smoothly as possible and helped us to adapt the product to suit our specific needs. I would recommend them, and ClarityCMS to anyone.”

For more information about how ClarityCMS can unite your workforce and centralise communications, call + 44 (0) 3333 1111 00.

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