Company Background

Ford & Stanley specialise in professional, operational, executive and commercial recruitment within the rail, mechanical engineering and digital sectors. Its consultants are market leading experts, with an in-depth knowledge of recruitment in a variety of specialist disciplines, and ensuring long-term contracts for their candidates.

Ford & Stanley value consistent results and driving positive business relationships through their customer focus to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The Data Challenge

With over twenty years in the recruitment industry, one of Ford & Stanley’s master vendor clients requested they provide an online timesheet solution, rather than the paper-based process they had traditionally used for their contractors.

With the recruitment team expanding and growing quickly, Ford & Stanley needed a more efficient process for capturing and reporting on company and individual time on contracts.

Ford and Stanley Recruitment

Data Solution

The chosen solution needed to provide simple, easy completion and submission for the both the client and contractor. After looking at a few solutions, Ford & Stanley decided to implement Clarity365, our cloud-based time, expense and invoicing software, as they felt it was the best fit and the most straightforward solution for their needs.

Clarity365 offers a complete time and expense management platform, to record data in a simple and time-effective way to streamline previously inefficient processes. With the implementation of Clarity365, Ford & Stanley's contractors are now using a system that works to ensure a quicker way to get paid for the hours they work.

“Clarity365 has made things easier for everyone involved, and in turn, has improved the level of service we offer. During the implementation, I felt I relied heavily on the support team, but they were brilliant and ensured a smooth transition. Whilst it is wise to see a product demonstration prior to go live, you can’t always be sure that a solution works until you start using it in the live environment. Following the introduction of Clarity365, both client and contractors are happy and as such, I will certainly consider rolling Clarity365 out to more customers in the future”.

Hannah Dimond, Office and Projects Manager, Ford & Stanley

Overall Benefits

Ford & Stanley now has a solution which has improved business processes and enabled the company to meet its client needs whilst also enhancing the services it can provide. It is now in a position to offer web-based & mobile time recording and other benefits offered by Clarity365 to all its clients.

Clarity365 Image

Clarity365 - Time & Expense Management

Clarity365 is cloud-based software at its best. Record timesheets, expenses and absences on-the-go with our mobile app, so contractors can add their time from anywhere. Clarity365 allows agencies to easily keep accurate records, eliminate human error and manage approvals flexibly. Clients can approve via a simple link, speeding up the approval process for all. Turn approved time into an invoice in just a few clicks, personalised with your agencies logo and information and then send straight to your clients.