Company Background

Anne Jagger Recruitment is a company based in London and provides temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to a client base located across London, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

Their service is designed to offer expert recruitment solutions in their specialist field of 'Office Professionals.' This involves recruiting and placing candidates who will work in business and administration support roles across a range of industry sectors.

The company employs a team of consultants placing candidates in temporary and permanent roles for clients in a variety of sectors.

Data Problem

The company needed to keep track of the temporary workers hours to ensure they were paid correctly and on time, and that clients were invoiced accurately and promptly. This involved employees, candidates and clients using an on-line time recording system.

This process had been working satisfactorily, until their previous software provider announced its intention to significantly increase its fees.

Anne Jagger Recruitment was very concerned about the potential disruption and reputational damage that could result from moving to another timesheet recording platform yet unhappy to continue paying such a huge increase. Particularly when there were no technological advancements or benefits to be gained from staying with the same software provider.

In looking for an alternative provider, Anne Jagger was looking for a solution that was priced competitively, easy to use internally as well as by the temps and that was capable of easily sharing information with customers for approval. It was also important that the new software provider offered good customer support service, that understood their requirements and could help with implementation and any subsequent questions.

Anne Jagger Recruitment Logo

"Initially, when considering the change to new software we were really concerned about how the temps would respond as it would be impractical to train them face to face. There was also concerns about the ability to switch from one system to another quickly enough to ensure there was no disruption to paying candidates or client invoicing and how users would react to using a new system."

Terry Brame, Director, Anne Jagger Recruitment

Data Solution

Having researched the market, Anne Jagger completed demonstration and free trial of Clarity 365, our cloud-based time, expense & invoicing software.

They were soon convinced that Data Clarity would be able to help ensure a satisfactory transition to a new platform that would also significantly reduce their fee per user.

As 'Technology Award' finalists at the Payroll World Awards 2016, Clarity 365 is perfect for any size business and Anne Jagger Recruitment found it easy to integrate into its existing finance systems.

The Data Clarity team worked closely with Anne Jagger to understand their concerns and ensure a smooth transition. A dedicated account manager acted as the point of first contact throughout the process to ensure all support requests were answered and actioned promptly. This ensured users were fully confident completing their submissions and that the recording of hours and payment of invoices continued to be accurate and on time.

“I have to say that the service and support provided by Data Clarity ensured any initial concerns were addressed. The transition went really smoothly and feedback from users has been positive.”

Terry Brame Director, Anne Jagger Recruitment

Overall Benefits

When changing to new invoice and time recording software platforms, the business risk caused by disruption and reputational damage are the main concerns cited as the reason why people stay with the same provider and accept price increases.

Data Clarity has been able to provide Anne Jagger Recruitment with a flexible system that is more cost effective that also provides the additional benefits of enhanced and easier reporting functionality. Anne Jagger has reduced overheads and now has a solution that is easily scalable as their business grows. Backed by our highly responsive support team, queries are resolved quickly which, in turn, enables Anne Jagger to meet its customer expectations.

Using Clarity365 has enabled the company to seamlessly continue to track time, pay expenses and issue invoices in a user friendly, fast and efficient manner.

Clarity365 Image

Clarity365 - Time & Expense Management

Clarity365 is cloud-based software at its best. Record timesheets, expenses and absences on-the-go with our mobile app, so contractors can add their time from anywhere. Clarity365 allows agencies to easily keep accurate records, eliminate human error and manage approvals flexibly. Clients can approve via a simple link, speeding up the approval process for all. Turn approved time into an invoice in just a few clicks, personalised with your agencies logo and information and then send straight to your clients.