From Fog to Clarity: A 13-year Journey in Data Solution Evolution

From Fog to Clarity: A 13-year Journey in Data Solution Evolution

Last week marked a significant milestone for our company – we’re adding another year to our incredible journey. It’s been 13 years of pushing boundaries, growing, and sticking to our passion. On 4th January 2011, our co-founders Kevin Carrick and Pana Lepeniotis set out with one goal in mind – bringing value to organisations from their data.

On behalf of Data Clarity, we are thankful for our incredible journey that has brought us to our 13th anniversary. Today, we reflect on these milestones that have woven our unique story.

Firstly, a birthday is not just about candles and cakes, it’s a celebration of life, growth and the values that shape us. Starting as a small start-up based in Nottingham and later relocating to Derby in 2017 due to rapid business growth, Data Clarity has continued to exceed expectations. When we think about our culture and values, it’s an amazing opportunity to reflect on how these elements have carried us, influenced the business and continue to shape who we are at Data Clarity.

Data Clarity's First Day


From the outset, our mission has been clear: empower companies to focus on their business objectives through our award-winning data-driven systems to transform data into actionable business insights to drive success.

At the heart of everything we do are two essential factors: staying true to who we are with integrity and innovation, all while ensuring our clients’ experience is tailored to their business requirements. We’re not just about putting money into our team; we dig deep into our customers’ challenges to provide high-quality products that’s led to valuable, long-lasting relationships.

Our journey began with Clarity365, our comprehensive software for managing time, expenses, and absences. Initially crafted to address our internal needs, this ‘one-stop’ solution has empowered us. Now, it stands ready to elevate businesses, enhancing compliance and optimising efficiency.

Today, our portfolio showcases an array of products, prominently featuring ClarityIFR – our latest addition to the line-up, enabling the transformation of inflight retail to provide a world-class passenger experience. This was designed to fill the needs of both airlines and their managed agents in meeting the high expectations of the digitally enabled passenger.

The success of any business hinges on its customer base. Data Clarity has collaborated extensively with retailers like Paul Smith, delving deep into their internal systems to furnish the essential tools for crafting the retailers ‘Golden Record’ of customers. Moreover, we have established a close partnership with dnata, an integral part of the Emirates Group, to revolutionise their warehouse management processes and provide business intelligence through ClarityQB.

Our co-founders receiving the award for 'Multi-Channel Solution of the Year'


As we commemorate another milestone in our journey, it’s not just about the number of years passed; it’s about celebrating the remarkable milestones we have achieved along the way. Our journey at Data Clarity has been filled with moments of triumph, where our dedication and hard work have been acknowledged and honoured by esteemed awards and recognitions. Earning the Multi-Channel Solution of the Year for ClarityOmnivue, praising our courageous innovation, and achieving an ISO27001 certification, highlighting our commitment to keeping our data, staff, and premises secure, each award intricately weaves a narrative immersed in hard work, passion, and our steadfast pursuit of goals.

Celebrating our journey wouldn’t be complete without a glance at the incredible events Data Clarity has been a part of. From bustling industry conferences to intimate networking gatherings, our team have been actively engaged in a variety of events that have shaped our vision and strengthened our connections. Whether it was building relationships with key industry players at the World Aviation Festival in September, gaining fresh perspectives at the Retail Technology Show or forging stronger bonds with our valued clients dnata in Dubai to better understand their needs and explore newer, collaborative opportunities. Every opportunity has contributed significantly to our journey.

As the candles are blown and the celebrations conclude, our heartfelt gratitude extends to our dedicated employees, invaluable partners, and cherished clients for being the driving force behind our journey.

We thank you for making each year a remarkable milestone and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Data Clarity. Let’s just say 13 may be our lucky number!

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