The Countdown to the World Aviation Festival: What to Expect from Data Clarity

The Countdown to the World Aviation Festival: What to Expect from Data Clarity

In less than three weeks, the world will witness a convergence of aviation leaders, experts, and enthusiasts at the World Aviation Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Among the distinguished attendees will be Data Clarity, a pioneering force in aviation innovation. Of those attending, this includes co-founders Kevin Carrick, CEO, and Dr Pana Lepeniotis, Chief Data & Development Officer, who will join with those from across the globe to explore the latest trends, innovations, and breakthroughs shaping the aviation landscape.

Since the aviation industry evolves at an unprecedented pace, so does our commitment to innovation, excellence, and collaboration. Let’s delve into what you can expect from Data Clarity.

A Symphony of Integration and Innovation

Data Clarity takes pride in its multi-vendor product integrations, harmoniously blended with its own class leading in-flight retail solutions. In late 2022, we unveiled ClarityIFR, an ecosystem that redefines the passenger journey, from preordering to buy at seat purchasing, all underpinned by fully integrated and responsive supply chain management. This monumental step forward was made possible through our deep-rooted collaboration with dnata, which continuously inspires us to develop solutions tailored to our clients’ unique challenges.

Dynamic Ret[AI]l: A Glimpse into the Future

 At the heart of our showcase is Dynamic Ret[AI]l, powered by the fusion of artificial intelligence and hyper personalisation. As AI continues its evolution and data analytics reach new heights of sophistication. Dynamic Ret[AI]l promises to usher a new era of unparalleled customisation and operational efficiency.

Our Festival Presence

In anticipation, we are dedicated to curating an experience that truly reflects our commitment to excellence. Our stand will serve as a hub of interaction, where we connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts and experts and showcase our innovation dedicated to net zero strategy and sustainability goals.

A Feast of Insights and Knowledge

The wide array of topics discussed, ranging from sustainability to passenger experience, will empower us with valuable insights that we can harness to refine our strategies. These insights will not only come from esteemed keynote speakers, but also from our own deep expertise in data analysis, which is to be demonstrated during our roundtable discussions.

A Future-Focused Perspective

Our presence at the World Aviation Festival 2023 is a testament to our dedication to shaping the future of aviation. The insights gained and connections we make will drive us forward as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry. We are excited to engage in conversations, share our insights, and learn from the experiences of others, fostering collaborations that will amplify the collective impact of our industry.

Be sure to come and join us from the 26th-28th September, with an exclusive discount code available here. 

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