Data Clarity Announces Product Launch of ClarityIFR after 12 years of Company Successes

Data Clarity Announces Product Launch of ClarityIFR after 12 years of Company Successes

Data Clarity are fast approaching their 12th anniversary of delivering a portfolio of award-winning omnichannel, master data management, client telling, data analytics and BI solutions. In 2011, co-founders Kevin Carrick and Pana Lepeniotis set out with one goal in mind;

“Based upon our own frustrations performing various roles from start-up to blue-chip organisations, we wanted to enable organisations to gain real value from their data in making business decisions ”.

A simple ambition that has taken them much further than they expected.

Twelve years on, Data Clarity continue to apply its’ core values of innovation and integrity with a personal approach, investing in their employees and developing a deep understanding of their clients’ unique business challenges, drawing upon an extensive product portfolio.


Customer Focused Solutions and Continued Successes

Since 2011, Data Clarity has expanded significantly and now provides data solutions to over 150+ customers based across the globe.

In this period, Data Clarity has established a reputation of quality products and services. The persistent focus on quality has led to continued industry recognition including the National Technology Awards and the Retail Systems Awards for retail technology innovations for their multi-channel retail solution, ClarityOmnivue.

Being clear in their strategy and focused on benefit has enabled Data Clarity to grow and become a leading provider of data management and analytics tools for organisations across multiple industries, including leisure, retail, and aviation. Kevin Carrick said;

“We strive for, and support full business transformation, working closely with our customers to deliver success and will continue with this ethos in years to come”.

As an example, Data Clarity has worked closely with Dnata, the leading provider of inflight services to the world’s airlines, ensuring that the customer and the customers’ customer benefits from such close working relationships.

“At Data Clarity, we have worked proactively with Dnata when reviewing their business processes and platform needs developing and launching oWMS to revolutionise their warehouse management processes and providing business intelligence through ClarityQB, BI tool”.


Delivering Next-Gen Retailing for Managed Services and Airlines

The long history and experience of working with Dnata supports Data Clarity’s company ethos of providing high quality products and excellent service delivering real value to an organisation. This also manifests itself as the continued expansion of our IPR and Product Developments.

Today, Data Clarity are pleased to introduce Clarity Inflight-Retail (IFR). Designed to fulfil the needs of both the airlines and their managed agents in meeting the high expectations of the digitally enabled passenger.

ClarityIFR’s product portfolio provides a full eco-system from pre-order to point-of-delivery underpinned by fully integrated and responsive supply chain management.

This is part of Data Clarity’s ongoing commitment to its growing userbase in the aviation industry to attain real value out of the passenger engagement driven from the data created.

Pana Lepeniotis said;

“Using a data-driven approach to sourcing, developing, and managing the supply of food/beverages and duty-free items for airlines to unlock buying behaviours and meet customer demand will generate additional revenue and reduce cost. We ensure that the right product is available at the right time through the right channel”.  

Following extensive product development, ClarityIFR upholds the company’s core value of innovation by offering the only end-to-end inflight retail solution covering fulfilment to consolidation, supported by global market leaders.

“The execution of ClarityIFR wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support of our customers and industry partners over the past 12 years, these key relationships has enable us to drive innovation into the industries in which we operate”.


What’s to come in 2023

In 2023, Data Clarity are confident that they will achieve further global expansion as they aim to raise the profile of our retail-solution software. Data Clarity aim to be at the leading edge of thought leadership, demonstrating the positive impact their solutions make on their customers, including:

  • Optimised Customer Experience
  • Reduce Costs
  • Revenue Growth

Data Clarity empowers companies to focus on their business objectives through our award-winning data-driven systems. Specialising in transforming data into actionable business insights, streamlining workflows, automating and simplifying process.

View ClarityIFR here.

Stay tuned for more updates on Data Clarity’s upcoming projects and product releases.

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