Data Clarity Celebrates National Payroll Week

National Payroll Week

The week 3 -7 Sept is National Payroll Week. Organised by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP), the week aims to celebrate the important role payroll professionals play in ensuring workforces across the UK are paid on time and taxes are collected accurately.

National Payroll Week is a celebration of professionals in the industry highlighting how they benefit organisations through strategic decision making related to overall reward and remuneration.

Those getting involved are holding office celebrations, hosting seminars and encouraging their staff to check out their payslip on a coffee and cake break or visit the payroll department for a friendly chat about how their payslip works. The use of the CIPP’s payslip tool is also being encouraged.

Payroll is the largest expenditure in most UK organisations and organising and delivering it should be managed by qualified professionals.

One of the problems that payroll professionals often face is a barrage of queries after employees have been paid, particularly from those who may believe they’ve not been paid correctly.

This is usually the case for employees who are paid according to the number of hours worked. This is often due to a difference in what hours the employee has actually worked and those that have been recorded.

Employees that also get expense claims paid via their payroll may also raise queries over repayments.

The use of technology makes it easier for employees to record time and submit expense claims from wherever they are working using their desktop, mobile or tablet. Software solutions are also one of the best ways to avoid or reduce queries and make the payroll process more time efficient and effective. This also minimises the number of administrative tasks in Payroll department, leaving more time to focus on the tasks that really matter.

Data Clarity is taking part in National Payroll week by promoting the benefits of using technology to assist with payroll activities. Our online time recording software, Clarity365, is used by many UK businesses who want a cost effective and user-friendly software solution that employees can use to record the hours they have worked and any business expenses.

We work closely with Payroll professionals to ensure that our solution works for them. Mark Lindsay, Payroll Manager at EVO Group: “The Clarity365 system is brilliant because it is so easy to use. The approval workflows and audit flows are easy to view it is easy to check the status of an expense claim at any time. Employees also have complete visibility of the progress of their claim and view its current status, meaning that they can chase their line managers for approval, which also saves management time.”

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch.

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National Payroll Week, Payroll, expense claims, EVO Group,National Payroll Week celebrates the important role payroll professionals play in ensuring workforces across the UK are paid on time.

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