Hawaiian Retailer Software Contract Renewed

Data Clarity is celebrating more global success having retained the contract to provide Honolulu-based retailer, Tori Richard with retail software solutions. Tori Richard has renewed its agreement for ClarityQBRI which integrates the company’s e-commerce system with their store based electronic point of sale system.

Tori Richard is a resort lifestyle company which designs and manufactures men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, licensed apparel products and uniforms in traditional Hawaiian patterns.

Founded in 1956 in Honolulu, Tori Richard Limited is a family run business that has grown to become a global brand, renowned for its stunning Hawaiian textile designs. The company now operates a successful on-line e-commerce channel which attracts customers from all continents. Products are sold across a network of retail outlets located across the Hawaiian Islands, retailer and specialty stores worldwide and select partnered concept stores on the East Coast and Southwestern US.

Tori Richard needed a way to integrate their electronic point of sale (EPOS) software that was used by the retail store network with their on-line e-commerce system to provide a suite of reports from which to track performance and make business decisions. The ClarityQBRI software solution, which has been developed exclusively by Data Clarity, has provided Tori Richard with real time information and reporting analysis. ClarityQBRI extracts data and presents it in a report style that has been designed specifically for the retail sector.

Tori Richard Clothing

Commenting, Jason Zambuto, Vice President of Tori Richard said, “We now make many vital business decisions based on the information provided to us as a result of implementing ClarityQBRI software. We use it to run the business as it pulls data from various sources and allows us to see an overview of all the things that matter to our business. Data Clarity has also helped us to create bespoke reports as well as provided the interface that connects with other 3rd party systems. This has had a massive impact on financial performance and an overall increase in operational efficiencies.”

Kevin Carrick, Chief Executive Officer of Data Clarity added, “Our goal has been to fully understand the challenges retailers face from the rise in omni-channel retailing. It can be extremely difficult to integrate the data that is gathered from a multitude of data sources in a way that presents a set of valuable business insights. ClarityQBRI is helping Tori Richard to remain competitive in a global market.”

Tori Richard, now has a user friendly interface that delivers accurate, timely and reliable information on which to compare trading periods, make important manufacturing and stock decisions, negotiate rates with credit card providers as well as track store performance and other financial KPIs.

For more information about Tori Richard and Data Clarity, read the case study.

About Data Clarity

Data Clarity is a worldwide software and data services provider with a portfolio of products ranging from business intelligence software to powerful omni-channel solutions.

Data Clarity’s solutions enable companies to focus on their business objectives through data driven systems. Data Clarity specialise in transforming data into actionable information, streamlining workflows, automating and simplifying processes.

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