Paul Smith Invests in Technology to Enhance Omni-channel Offer and Performance Reporting

Iconic British fashion brand Paul Smith has invested in ClarityOmnivue from Data Clarity in order to enhance the Company’s understanding of its customers and improve its performance reporting.

Shoppers are now buying in many different ways – in-store, on-line and using mobile apps. This growing omni-channel retailing phenomena is good news for the customer, but challenging for retailers who have been grappling with the challenge of integrating data collected in a myriad of different IT systems, into a real time 360-degree view of their customer without the need for underlying system changes or complicated manual processes to integrate, merge and de-duplicate data.

Data Clarity developed ClarityOmnivue specifically to solve this issue and deliver one 360-degree view of customers and business key performance indicators. ClarityOmnivue transforms disparate data into a unified data solution that enables more informed business decisions. It delivers true, accurate data that can be used to create individually customised targeted marketing campaigns that are relevant to the customer. Moving away from promotions sent to a customer for an item they are never going to buy or a size which is no longer in stock. ClarityOmnivue also provides GDPR Customer Consent Management and governance with compliance.

Data Clarity has been working with Paul Smith in order to fully understand their internal systems and the implications of a new system that would be going live during the development process. The use of the new software, which went live across the business at the end of March 2018 enables Paul Smith to unify data across its internal systems such as E-Commerce platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Retail Point of Sale (POS), Finance, Product Management (PMS), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), In-store Wi-Fi, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Services (WMS) and Human Resources (HR).

Paul Smith is now able to easily identify, extract, validate and present the necessary customer and business critical data required for operational reporting, business analysis and forecasting.

Commenting on the implementation of the new retailing software, Paul Smith’s Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Richard Woollams, said, “Most retailers will find that a customer will buy across a number of channels and merging those records into one single view can be difficult. This is because they could register as Mrs Sandra Jones on one channel and then Ms Sandy Jones on another.”

He continued, “ClarityOmnivue has given us the ability to easily identify and reconcile this data and has provided us with all the information we need to know about a single customer. We now have a system that will also help us with production scheduling, managing stock, staff schedules, and the creation of customised marketing in which the customer truly feels they have had a personalised experience, however they choose to interact with the Paul Smith brand.”

Commenting on their appointment as a software partner, Kevin Carrick, Data Clarity CEO said, “Omni-channel retailing has provided new opportunities for retailers to expand their reach to new customers. ClarityOmnivue now gives retailers the opportunity to increase marketing effectiveness and improve the customer experience. By integrating data sources, they can build competitive advantage by increasing customer engagement and loyalty by truly knowing who their customers are.”

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