National Awards Finalists for Retail IT Software Solution

Kevin Carrick, CEO of Data Clarity, with Pana Lepeniotis, co-founder

We are delighted to announce that ClarityOmnivue, a retail IT software solution from Data Clarity has been shortlisted for the retail technology of the year award.

ClarityOmnivue is a cloud based, all in one Omni-Channel, providing Enterprise Management & Planning, Customer Segmentation & Campaign Management and a B2C GDPR Consent Management solution.

Since its release, ClarityOmnivue has revolutionised the way retailers manage data. Based on their unique Master Data Management (MDM) technology. Data Clarity is able to bring together data from many legacy systems, that previously could not be connected, into one 360-degree view of their customer business key performance indicators.

As retail businesses have grown, and the number of buying channels has evolved, many retailers are being faced with a challenge to resolve data disparity caused by an evolution of several IT infrastructure systems and multiple instances of legacy applications.

Increasingly, retailers are finding it impossible to unify data across systems such as E-Commerce platforms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Retail POS, Finance, Product Management (PMS), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Services (WMS) and Human Resources (HR) This makes it difficult to easily identify, extract, validate and present the necessary customer and business critical data required for operational reporting, business analysis and forecasting.

In developing ClarityOmnivue, Data Clarity has used its Master Data Management and IT expertise to create an innovative product which surfaces and presents the combined data. When using ClarityOmnivue, retailers are provided an intuitive and simple to navigate, user interface which provides them with a 360-degree view of a customer’s engagement and buying behaviour. ClarityOmnivue also helps ensure GDPR consent management and governancewith compliance.

Commenting on the awards shortlist Kevin Carrick, CEO said, “Omni-channel retailing has provided new opportunities for retailers to expand their reach to new customers. This has presented retailers with more opportunities to increase marketing effectiveness and improve the customer experience, but they are struggling to integrate their data sources to build competitive advantage.”

He continued, “ClarityOmnivue gives true relevancy enabling retailers to better target marketing spend and increase customer engagement by creating loyalty scheme offers, targeted offers and discounts based on their past purchase history.”

The National Technology Awards celebrate the pioneers of new technology, focusing on innovation in areas such as finance, travel, gaming, IoT and analytics. Winning entries come from those companies and organisations who have made outstanding technological contributions across a variety of sectors.

The winners will be announced at the gala dinner and awards ceremony on 17 May 2018 at the Waldorf Hilton in London.

Data Clarity was founded in 2011 by CEO Kevin Carrick and Chief Data and Development Officer Pana Lepeniotis, having previously worked together as Chief Technology Officer and Data Architect respectively for leading publishers Local World.

Since 2011, Data Clarity has expanded significantly by providing data solutions to over 150+ customers based across the globe. Their client and user base include: Leading luxury retailer Paul Smith, Cash Generators, Tori Richard, ESI Media (The Independent. London Evening Standard), Alpha LSG Flight Services and the UK’s largest wholesaler and retailer for office products, EVO Group.

About Data Clarity

Data Clarity is a worldwide software and data services provider with a portfolio of products ranging from business intelligence software to powerful omni-channel solutions. Data Clarity enables companies to focus on their business objectives with GDPR compliant, data driven, cloud-based solutions. Specialists in transforming data into actionable business insights, streamlining workflows, automating and simplifying processes, Data Clarity creates powerful cost-effective software for businesses. 

The company head offices are located on Pride Park in Derby and has offices in Bristol.

Visit: for more information.Data Clarity Announces National Tech Awards 2018 shortlisting.Retail IT Software Solution

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