HR Solutions

HR Solutions

Our solutions provide HR departments across multiple industries with simple, effortless ways to improve employee engagement and gain a better understanding of their workforce. Our HR solutions are ultimately designed to improve company-wide performance by providing insight whilst saving time.

Whilst our timesheet and expense software allows maximum visibility into staff hours, absences and more, our content management platform provides an easy to manage intranet allowing better communication and interaction with all employees. The cloud-based solutions provide ultimate flexibility for HR departments, allowing more time to be spent on communication and staff well-being.

ClarityCMS Intranet


Our ClarityCMS platform is perfect for creating company intranets, the central hub of communications for employee's business-wide. With a wide range of features from staff directories to forms and document management, ClarityCMS allows the HR team to manage content and communications centrally without the need of an IT department. Varying levels of user permissions provide flexibility to all members of staff, allowing multiple departments to co-operate on content. Our collaborative features such as commenting and guest posting provide the perfect platform for hosting an interactive intranet.

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